In 2020 work life changed for everyone in the world, and it has been shown that working from home is not impossible for most. This is how we make the Home Office our new way of life.

This can certainly improve the quality of life, but we also face new challenges;

How do I make my time more efficient? How do I manage my work tasks and chores around the house?

We take care of giving you some advice:

1. List your activities starting with the most important.

 2. Spend a maximum of 25 minutes for each activity.

 3. Rest for 5 minutes and repeat this series 4 times.

Lastly, take a longer time off, and if you need to do another task, repeat this series.

Pauses improve your mental activity and your concentration will be deeper for your next task; Do you want to know how this method works? Watch the following video and we will explain this method in detail, when you finish you will realize that you can do more things than you thought in one day and your work will be better: