I want to share with you the scope of home automation in a home system, keeping in mind that we must interact with the client to understand and become aware of their needs in order to recommend the system that most benefits them.

On this occasion, as I already mentioned, I will talk about a house, as it is the medium with which we are all most familiar, but each market sector, or vertical market as some of us call it, has different needs, although the systems are apparently the same. .

In a house or residence, we have the ability to automate, control or monitor the following systems:



  • Control of the on and off of any equipment in the house.
  • Control of lighting scenes (will generate atmospheres).
  • Rationalize the electrical loads of the house.
  • Climate control and boilers.
  • Control of blinds and awnings, to help prevent the entry of heat and avoid high consumption of air conditioning.
  • Control and monitoring of gas and water.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of solar consumption and production.


Any action that helps improve comfort in the house, through lighting, audio and climate.

General shutdown of all the lights in the house.

  • Automation of on / off at each point of light.
  • Lighting regulation according to the ambient light level.
  • Automation of all the different systems, providing them with efficient and easy control.
  • Control via Internet.
  • Video and Audio management.
  • Convenience of having a Home Theater system.


It consists of a safety net that protects both property assets and personal safety.

  • Intrusion alarms (anti intrusion): They are used to detect or prevent the presence of strangers in a home or building:
    • Detection of a possible intruder (volumetric or perimeter detectors).
    • Punctual and safe closing of blinds.
    • Presence simulation.
  • Detectors and alarms for fire detection, (heat detector, smoke detector), gas detector, (gas leaks, for non-electric kitchens), water leaks and flooding. Carbon monoxide concentration in garages.
  • Medical alert and telecare.
  • Access to IP cameras. or closed circuit television, from simple cameras to facial recognition.
  • Access control


Handling of telephone switching, data, video calls.

Integration of the door phone to the phone, or the video door phone to the TV through “smart locks”


Administration of network services, monitoring of all systems connected to the network, verification of the contracted network service, speeds and quality.

Today it is possible to control by voice, in a single application the aforementioned.

However, as mentioned above, the happiness of enjoying the automation of your home depends on the initial and deep communication with the client, and the opportunity to continue working on the adequate continuous improvement of the integrated system, and generate that intelligent process, that will depend on the constant collaboration between client and supplier.

Without a doubt reaching this point, home automation or automation will be something that we consider in the immediate future as something indispensable or part of our life.

Always remembering that the responsibility as professionals of this service is NEVER OVER DIMENSIONING THE SYSTEMS, AND DESIGN WHAT THE CUSTOMER REALLY NEEDS.

In the year 2020 it has been shown that working from home is not impossible for most and we are faced with new challenges;

How do I make my time more efficient?

How do I manage my work tasks?